Telangana Cabinet meets on Tuesday to decide on lockdown


The Telangana Cabinet will meet on Tuesday to take a decision on imposing lockdown in the state in view of the surge in Covid-19 cases.

The meeting to be presided over by Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao will discuss the surge in the Covid cases and take a decision on the imposition of lockdown in the state.

“There are reports that suggest that despite certain states imposing the lockdown, there is no decrease in the cases. Against this backdrop, different opinions are emerging on the lockdown. Some sections are arguing in favour of the imposition of lockdown. Under these circumstances, the state cabinet would discuss the pros and cons of the lockdown and also the adverse impact it may have on the ongoing procurement of paddy and it will take a decision,” the Chief Minister’s Office said on Monday.

Last week, the Chief Minister had ruled out imposing lockdown in the State, saying such a move would bring life to a standstill and would lead to total collapse of the economy.

“There is no use imposing lockdown. Since Telangana is the most happening state in the country, 25 to 30 lakh workers from other states are here working. We have seen how their lives were adversely impacted by the lockdown we imposed during the first wave. If they are dislocated, they will not come back,” he had said.

“Moreover, there is bumper yield of paddy in the state. Paddy is stocked in 6,144 procurement centres in the state and they are weighing it. Purchasing paddy is not a simple process. There are lakhs of people involved in the process. What will happen to the workers who came from other states and are working in the rice mills? What will happen to them if there is lockdown? If the workers go helter-skelter, how would one get them back,” he had asked.

The Chief Minister had also stated that the state cannot stop the supply of essential commodities, milk, vegetables, fruits, emergency medical services, deliveries, sanitation and other such emergency and essential services. He also felt that lockdown will also affect the import of vaccines, medicines, injections etc from other states.