Telangana Police focusing on Dark Web investigation

The Telangana Police are focusing on building the capacity of the police personnel for Dark Web investigation to deal with rising cyber crime.

With the steep rise in cyber crimes and cyber perpetrators resorting to sophisticated cyber attacks, through Deep and Dark Web, hacking, crypto currencies, the cyber world has turned out to be a tough digital terrain for the law enforcement agencies to investigate and apprehend the perpetrators as most of the crimes are being committed from remote countries.

To deal with this alarming trend, the Telangana Intelligence Department, in association with Convergence Innovation Labs, is working to synergise the capacity building programme of the police personnel in Telangana.

Convergence Innovation Labs had collaborated with Mark Bentley, a former police officer in the UK and an expert trainer with 40 years of experience.

A five-day workshop for Dark Web investigators began at the Telangana State Police Academy (TSPA) on Monday. This course is being attended by police officers from all over the country and central and state government agencies.

Hyderabad Police Commissioner C.V. Anand inaugurated the workshop.

Addressing the trainees, he said that the state government and Telangana Police are spearheading the digital initiatives in policing and has an impressive record in training thousands of police officers.

He gave examples of 15 types of cyber frauds, especially the loan apps, which is responsible for suicide committed by three persons in the last 10 days and how it has become very difficult to investigate and catch these perpetrators.

“The recent detection of the Mahesh Bank hacking case and the Xsilica epayment gateway hacking case show that it is possible to investigate these cases, but requires special expertise and resources to do so,” he said.

He added that the recent crackdown by Telangana Police revealed that even narcotic drugs are being trafficked using the Dark Web.

Highlighting the advantages of these workshops, Anand said: “Simulating real world examples and incidents, materials, open source intelligence tools (OSINT) and exercises, the 5-day workshop and master class equips cyber investigators with the latest cutting-edge tools and investigation methodology.”




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