Telangana police get stricter with lockdown enforcement

Police in Hyderabad and the rest of Telangana have become stricter with the implementation of lockdown.

On the direction of Director General of Police M. Mahender Reddy, police officials on Thursday began taking measures to enforce the state-wide lockdown more strictly.

Senior officials including police commissioners and superintendents of police were in the field post 10 a.m. to ensure that people abide by the lockdown norms

More personnel were seen at checkpoints in Hyderabad to stop and check vehicles after four-hour relaxation ended at 10 a.m. An official said only those people exempted from lockdown norms are being allowed while vehicles of others are being seized for violations.

Over 300 checkpoints were functioning in the limits of Hyderabad, Cyberabad and Rachakonda police commissionerates.

There were more police vehicle patrolling not just main roads but also interior roads and residential areas in Hyderabad and outskirts.

The state government imposed a 10-day lockdown on May 12 in view of the surge in Covid-19 cases. Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao on Tuesday announced lockdown extension till May 30

Cyberabad Police Commissioner V. C. Sajjanar and Rachakonda Police Commissioner Mahesh Bhagwat monitored lockdown enforcement at few points.

Sajjanar appealed to people to cooperate with police in enforcement of lockdown, saying the measure was taken in the interest of all. He said the citizens should avoid coming out every day to buy essentials. “When you come out, buy the essentials for 3-4 days and don’t bring families with you to the market,” he said.

Mahesh Bhagwat said so far 21,000 cases have been booked for violation of lockdown norms. He said stringent action will be taken against those coming out on roads without any valid reason.

The DGP on Wednesday held a videoconference with zonal inspectors general of police, deputy inspectors general of police, police commissioners and superintendents of police on enforcement of lockdown.

He said the current lockdown should be implemented strictly so that lockdown need not have to be extended beyond May 30

He noted that though lockdown relaxation is from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m., people are coming out to buy essentials only after 8 a.m. and this is leading to crowding in markets and at shops. He called for creating awareness among people to buy the essentials and attend other works from 6 a.m.