Telangana rules out lockdown, says situation under control

The Telangana government on Wednesday ruled out imposing a lockdown in the state, saying the Covid situation in the state is under control.

Chief Secretary Somesh Kumar told reporters that a downward trend had started in the new cases and hoped that the situation would soon become normal.

He said the government was of the view that there was no need for imposing lockdown in the state now or in future.

He also said their observation was that lockdown was of not much help in controlling the situation.

The Chief Secretary said the government would consider and take a decision on the Telangana High Court’s suggestion to impose week-end lockdown or extend night curfew beyond May 8.

He claimed that the situation in Telangana was better compared to other states in the country.

“If you see the cases over last 10 days, the trend is clear. Things are under control and cases are on decline,” he said.

The Chief Secretary said that Telangana did not face big problem in the second wave as the state ramped up health infrastructure after the first wave.

In September last year, the state had 18,000 beds in government and private hospitals treating Covid. Today the number has gone up to 52,000 beds. He said the state had adequate number of testing kits and sufficient stocks of medicines.

He claimed that the state has also efficiently handled the situation with regard to supply of medical oxygen.

“So far we have been able to manage well. At every hospital, we are doing oxygen audit. We have formed teams to ensure there is no shortage. If we get more oxygen from the government of India, we will manage the situation without any problem,” he said.

The Chief Secretary said while the situation in the state was under control, there were some problems due to panic created through social media messages and also some people hoarding oxygen or medicines like Remdisivir out of panic.

He said the government was adopting a new strategy with focus on outreach to people. Teams have been formed in Greater Hyderabad and other districts for door-to-door survey and to distribute medicine kits to those having Covid symptoms.

Covid outpatient services have also been started in government hospitals, primary health centres and sub-centres.

“Our slogan is start treatment if you have symptoms. ICMR guidelines also say the same. The medicine kit has two packets. If the symptoms persist even after five days, take the medicines from another packet,” he said.

He said a call centre was already working in Greater Hyderabad to provide Covid related information. Similar call centres are being opened in all districts.

The Chief Secretary also denied that the government is suppressing information relating to Covid cases or deaths.