Telangana takes control of Tocilizumab injections for Covid patients

The Telangana government has taken control of distribution of Tocilizumab injection for Covid-19 patients in the state.

The state government on Friday constituted a committee for allocation of Tocilizumab drug to Covid-19 patients in government and private hospitals in the state.

The three-member committee comprises the Director of the Nizam’s Institute of Medical Sciences (NIMS), the Director of Medical Education, and the Director of Public Health and Family Welfare, as per the order issued by state Health, Medical and Family Welfare Secretary S. A. M. Rizvi.

The office of the Director of Medical Education will receive the requests for Tocilizumab from the hospitals for specific patients and place it immediately before the committee. The patient-wise request from hospitals should have a detailed recommendation of a team of three specialist doctors from the hospital, which is indenting the drug, after assessment of the patient’s condition.

The committee will allocate the drug after satisfying the criteria which includes no active bacteria/fungal/tubercular infection, not improving despite use of steroids, significantly raised inflammatory markers (CRP &/or IL-6), and presence of severe disease (preferably within 24 to 48 hours of onset of severe disease/ICU admission).