Telangana’s first Covid patient, doctors felicitated


The Telangana government on Tuesday felicitated the first Covid patient, doctors and other staff at the state-run Gandhi Hospital where he along with thousands of other coronavirus patients have been treated during the last one year.

Ravi Teja, who was the first man in Telangana to test positive for Covid exactly a year ago, doctors, nurses and sanitation staff of Gandhi Hospital were felicitated by Health Minister Eatala Rajender, Minister for Animal Husbandry T. Srinivas Yadav and other top health officials.

Both the Ministers lauded the doctors at the Gandhi Hospital since the first case was reported on this day last year.

The Health Minister said Gandhi Hospital is providing quality services at par with the corporate hospitals.

He said doctors, nurses, para-medic staff and sanitation staff rendered extraordinary services during the pandemic.

Rajender said the government hospitals had bad reputation but the way doctors and the entire staff took care of Covid patients once again brought good name to the state-run health facilities.

The Health Minister recalled that when the pandemic broke out there were fears that this may lead to heaps of bodies but the way healthcare workers responded helped the country and the state to handle the situation with minimum loss of lives.

“We have come a long way and learnt many a lessons in the last one-year. I must congratulate the recovered Covid patients and health care workers who have worked non-stop over the entire year and saved lives,” said Rajender.

He noted that during the last one-year, the healthcare workers at Gandhi Hospital treated 35,000 Covid positive patients. They also successfully oversaw over 900 deliveries of pregnant Covid positive women and saved the lives of nearly 7,000 Covid patients who needed the ICU care.

He recalled that when the first few cases of Covid-19 were reported in the country in March last year, there was little information available on treatment protocols and life-saving drugs to treat Covid infection.

The state government centralised the Covid treatment and converted Gandhi Hospital into the nodal centre.

Rajender said Telangana was in the forefront in tackling the pandemic. It was the first to alert the Centre about the presence of a cluster related to Tablighi Jamaat after few foreigners who attended the congregation in Delhi were found in Karimnagar.

He also pointed out that Telangana was the first to demand for stoppage of international flights and trains to contain the spread of the virus. The state also effectively implemented the lockdown, which gave time to understand and prepare its response to Covid.

Gandhi Hospital Superintendent M Raja Rao lauded the staff for offering their services despite the pressure.

He said they managed to learn and evolve while treating Covid patients.

Director of Medical Education (DME), K. Ramesh Reddy said healthcare workers learnt lot about Covid and its treatment protocols at Gandhi Hospital and the health department successfully implemented them in other healthcare centres in the state.