Sunday, July 14, 2024

Telegram announces 11 new features to boost messaging

Encrypted messaging platform Telegram has rolled out 11 new features to enrich communication for over 800 million of its monthly active users.

To simplify channel discovery, users now have access to a list of similar public channels upon joining a channel.

This feature is driven by automatic selection based on similarities in subscriber bases, making it easier for users to find content aligned with their interests, the company said in an update.

Users can also access Similar Channels from a channel’s profile.

“Users now have the power to amplify the reach of stories from friends and favourite channels with just two taps. The option to add extra content such as text, audio, or video comments enhances the storytelling experience. Reposting is restricted to stories visible to ‘Everyone,’ ensuring privacy protection,” said Telegram.

When posting a story, you can now add a video message to supply commentary or simply make a face.

These messages can be resized, moved around the screen, and placed along the time axis, providing limitless creative possibilities for users to express themselves

Telegram Premium users now have access to even more customisation options such as “Profile Colours” which allows users to set a unique colour combination with logos for their profiles.

While anyone can set custom wallpapers for individual chats, Premium users can now extend their personalisation to both sides of the conversation.

“The voice-to-text feature, once exclusive to Premium users, is now available to all users. With the ability to convert up to 2 messages per week into text, this feature facilitates quick understanding of audio content or even translation in different languages,” Telegram informed.

Channels with story-posting capabilities can now access detailed statistics, including views, shares, and reactions.

“Channel admins now have a revamped interface for managing reactions. Channels can include custom emoji in addition to standard reactions, allowing for a more personalized and engaging user experience,” said the company,



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