Tension after clashes between two groups in UP district

Tension prevailed in Sansika village in Farrukhabad district after two persons were injured in a scuffle between two groups during the Dhamma Yatra, police said.

The incident happened on Wednesday and the police had to use mild force to disperse the mob.

During the yatra on the second day of the Buddha Festival on Sharad Purnima, followers of Lord Buddha put up a flag on the stupa at Sankisa, a pilgrimage site in the district.

Irked over this, the other group belonging to the Sanatan sect started shouting slogans in protest.

Both the groups resorted to stone pelting.

The police rushed to the spot and had to use mild force to disperse the mob.

In the ensuing melee, two persons, Ajay Kumar and Lakhan Srivastava, suffered injuries.

Angry over this, people blocked the main road and demanded action in the matter.

After being persuaded by the officials, the villagers lifted the road blockade.

Later, Superintendent of Police (SP) Ashok Kumar Meena also reached the spot and pacified the agitators.

Meanwhile, in view of the tension, additional police force was called in from the neighbouring Mainpuri district and deployed in the village.

According to sources, the Buddhist followers claim it to be a Buddhist stupa at the religious site located in Sankisa, while the followers of Sanatan Dharma claim it to be an ancient temple of Goddess Bisari Devi.

An idol of Lord Hanuman is also installed at this religious site.

For about 40 years, a case between the Buddhists and Sanatan followers has been pending in the court regarding the claim on this religious place.

The police have started zeroing in on the trouble-makers. The SP said, “Situation is under control as of now and we are keeping a close watch on the situation.”–IANS