Terms laid out for legalization of Uber in Mississauga

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A report on Uber’s Mississauga operation presented this week outlines recommendations that will allow a city license for Uber and other transportation network companies (TNC).

The city will charge TNCs a $20,000 brokerage licensing fee, as well as an additional fee of 30 cents for each ride originating in Mississauga.

Staff anticipates $850,000 in annual revenue.

The TNCs will also be responsible for collecting and maintaining driver abstracts, vehicle information and safety certificates, as well as conduct criminal record checks. Random audits will be performed by the city to ensure the validity of the information.

English language tests won’t be necessary for TNC drivers and to be fair it will be suspended as a mandatory requirement for taxi drivers as well during the duration of the pilot project which will run for 18 months starting July 1.

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The report also recommends leveling the playing field for the taxi industry by repealing the requirement for in-car cameras and mandatory vehicle inspections. It also allows taxicab operators to use a smartphone app to book trips, with the price of that trip determined by the rate identified by the app and not the conventional meter rate.

All this may work to give taxi drivers the feel of being Uber drivers. But at the end of the day it won’t matter if an Uber driver cuts a bigger paycheck, in which case, taxi drivers will simply opt to become Uber drivers. Some have already started moonlighting as Uber drivers, others have ditched the taxi and embraced Uber. – CINEWS

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