Terror re-emerges in Balochistan


Pakistan’s Balochistan province continues to keep the country’s intelligence and security forces under constant check as terror elements continue to surface from different parts of the province, carrying out terror attacks, targeted killings, kidnappings and bomb blasts, raising serious questions over the performance of the security forces and sending fear down the spines of the locals.

In a recent incident, at least 14 people were critically injured in a bomb blast, planted by unknown miscreants, outside the wall of a football stadium.

As per the details, a planted bomb exploded, during a football match at a stadium in Hub town of Balochistan’s district Lasbela.

“Unidentified miscreants planted an improvised explosive device next to the wall of the football ground in the Allabad area, which exploded during a match of the Shuhada police football tournament,” maintained police authorities.

“As many as 14 people watching the football match got injured in the blast that rocked the industrial town,” said Tariq Elahi Mastoi, district police officer.

The injured were taken to the District Hospital Hub and were in critical condition, as per the hospital authorities.

“Fortunately, no football player was injured in the blast,” Mastoi added.

Till now, no terror outfit has claimed responsibility for the attack. However, the intention behind the blast seemed clear as it was targeted at a football event, organised to honour the martyred police officers.

Pakistan has been fighting a hard battle to root out terror footprints from Balochistan province and has been trying to ensure imposition of security parameters, along with confidence of the locals of being safe.

However, various terror outfits, many of which act as mercenaries to terror outfits, keep surfacing from various parts of the province, keeping the security forces on high alert and challenged.

Pakistan has maintained that Balochistan province has many groups that operate in hiding and spread instability, terrorism and fear, with an aim to destabilize the country’s growth and development.

Pakistan has also accused India for supporting the terror outfits in Balochistan, and promoting, financing and facilitating them to spread unrest.

Pakistan maintains that the arrest of Kulbushan Jadhav is evidence that India has been working towards what it calls its evil agenda to destabilize its neighbour.