Text message from your bank is the latest scam

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Here is the type of message you could receive

If you recently received a text message from your bank or financial institution urging you to log into a website to reactive your supposedly disabled online bank account, don’t , it’s a scam. Delete the message and report it to your bank.

Many Peel residents in particular have been at the receiving end of these texts.

These are nothing more than phishing scams. The scamsters are hoping you will fall for it and give them banking information.

No legitimate financial institution will ever ask for your private banking information over text or email.

These text messages do look very authentic and it is sometimes hard to ignore simply because a text from your bank on your cellphone could make you think it to be genuine. To be on the safe side, make that call and verify with the agent if everything in your account is okay. And then delete that text message. – CINEWS

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