Thai PM wins no-confidence vote in Parliament

Thai Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha on Saturday thwarted an attempt by the opposition to unseat his government after surviving a no-confidence vote in Parliament ahead of a general election due within 11 months.

Prayut, the 68-year-old former army chief who has been in power since a coup he led in 2014, won the vote in the House of Representatives after receiving 256 votes in favour and 206 against with nine abstentions from the MPs, according to live broadcast of the parliamentary session.

The vote followed four days of censure debate broadcast live this week and was the latest attempt by the opposition to unseat Prayut’s government, reports Xinhua news agency.

Ten cabinet ministers, who were targeted alongside the Prime Minister by the opposition in the no-confidence motion, also survived the vote.

This is the the fourth time that Prayut has survived a no-confidence motion vote since he was chosen by the House to remain Prime Minister in 2019.




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