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Thailand’s parliament fails to elect new PM

Thailand’s Parliament failed to pick a new Prime Minister as the sole candidate, Move Forward Party leader Pita Limjaroenrat, fell short of securing the majority support from the parliamentarians.

In a joint session of the 500-member Lower House and the 250-Senator Upper House, Pita was the only candidate nominated as Prime Minister but received only 324 votes in favour, short of the simple majority required to become the Prime Minister.

The vote was held on Thursday after several hours of debates among the parliamentarians, Xinhua news agency reported.

The Move Forward Party emerged as the largest party in the Lower House of the National Assembly in Thailand’s general election in May. It has since formed a coalition with the Pheu Thai Party and other smaller parties previously in the opposition to support Pita’s bid for Prime Minister.

Pita’s coalition commands more than 310 seats in the House of Representatives, but he was unable to persuade enough senators who overwhelmingly voted abstain on Thursday.

The Move Forward Party later said in a statement that the party will continue its efforts to unite voices to form a government.

“We accepted the result, but we are not giving up,” Pita told reporters.

“I will strategise once again to consolidate the voice, so we can gather more votes in the next meeting.”

Pita can contest the next parliamentary vote expected to be held next week if he is nominated again.

National Assembly President Wan Muhamad Noor Matha did not announce the plan for the next vote during the Thursday session, but he previously said that July 19 is suitable for the parliament to convene as no winner emerged on Thursday.



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