‘The Batman’ drops on Amazon Prime Video on July 27

Amazon Prime Video announced today, July 22, that they will be streaming the official digital premiere of ‘The Batman’, which released earlier this year. ‘The Batman’ has been written as well as directed by Matt Reeves and it has been produced by Dylan Clark and Reeves.

The movie was a huge blockbuster and fans of the franchise will be delighted to watch their caped crusader take on the hidden corruption in Gotham city and question whether his own family has any part in it.

The movie turned out to be a cinematic masterpiece that was much loved by the audiences as well as the critics.

‘The Batman’ stars Robert Pattinson as the elusive billionaire of Gotham City, Bruce Wayne and also his alter ego, the caped crusader and vigilante detective of Gotham City – ‘Batman’.

Pattinson’s Batman is joined by other regular characters of Gotham city – Zoe Kravitz essays the role of Selina Kyle, Paul Dano plays Edward as the Gotham City Police Department’s Lt. James Gordon, Peter Sarsgaard plays Gotham’s D.A. Gil Colson, John Turturro plays Carmine Falcone, Andy Serkis plays Alfred and Colin Farrell is essaying the role of Oz aka The Penguin.

‘The Batman’ was appreciated for its spectacular performances by the main cast members along with edge of the seat action sequences, not to mention it’s musical score which only amplified the intensity of each scene of the movie.



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