The break in the tournament really came at a good time for us: McCullum

Kolkata Knight Riders coach Brendon McCullum believes that the break in the IPL 2021 caused by the second wave of COVID-19 in India came at a good time for his side. He also felt that the break helped them to relook at the problems in the first half and solve them ahead of the second leg of the tournament.

“I think the break in the tournament really came at a good time for us. We’ve seemed to be able to recalibrate our game a little bit and fix a couple of areas which were broken in the first half of the tournament,” McCullum told SENZ Breakfast on Wednesday.

McCullum was of the opinion that instilling a sense of fearlessness and freedom in the team helped Kolkata make a turnaround in the second half of the tournament in the UAE.

“For us, you’ve got to let the old way die a little bit. The old style of cricket is you hit a boundary and try to get a one, it’s an archaic mindset when you think of T20 cricket.”

He also gave an insight into the language in the Kolkata camp and its impact on the players. “The language we use within the team is aggressive, it’s intent, it’s take wickets, it’s hit sixes. It’s more about a mindset and that language allows mindset which, hopefully, frees guys up so that they’re not worried about getting out or not being able to achieve something. They actually start focusing on the positive aspects of the game as well and try to put pressure on the opposition.”

“We have nothing to fear, so go out there and try and enjoy yourself and take the game on and see where it goes. It’s kind of been slightly empowering for all these guys to see that the game can be played like that,” concluded the 40-year-old. Kolkata defeated Delhi Capitals by three wickets when they met in Sharjah on September 28.

The two-time champions now face Delhi in the Qualifier 2 later on Wednesday evening in Sharjah. The winner of Qualifier 2 will then play against Chennai Super Kings in the final on Friday in Dubai.