The challenges & opportunities in India’s intimate wear industry


New Delhi, April 2 (IANSlife) What is your first memory of shopping for lingerie? It’s quite possible that you were a teenager accompanied by your mom to a store full of salesmen, which could be an uncomfortable experience. The reality is that this issue isn’t just limited to the staff present at brick-and-mortar stores, it’s an industry-wide phenomenon in India.

From the manufacturers to the retailers, the entire supply chain is, quite sadly, majorly led by men. Unsurprisingly, this has led to a number of shortcomings in terms of quality and product styles. Women in India have compromised enough on quality and innovation when it comes to their intimate wear. From poorly constructed pieces to illogical designs, many times it can be impossible to find intimate wear that supports your body in the right way. For bridging this apparent gap in the lingerie space in our country, it is imperative to have more women-led and women-run brands making rapid strides into this industry.

A lot of existing shapewear companies supply shapewear that is restricting and suffocating. However, that’s an outdated version of shapewear and chances are high these will have no place in your closet! Intimatewear designed by women and for women prioritises your comfort while accentuating your curves. Whether you are getting ready for an important presentation or a fun night out, the right shapewear aims to empower you and enhance your confidence.

Additionally, the intimate apparel industry in India is majorly led by male manufacturers, who seem to have lost sight of gratifying their customers. Instead, the focus has sadly shifted to solely making a profit, while the quality and customer satisfaction is tragically sacrificed. While every business out there is looking to make a profit, only brands and products that are backed by meticulous research and a deep understanding of the female body, as well as a ‘customer-first’ approach to doing their business, are the ones bound to stand out and win in the long run.

Today, there’s a growing demand for high-quality intimate apparel and customers are aware of their choices more than ever. Though there is an abundance of everyday lingerie, there aren’t enough brands offering specialised products for maternity wear, mastectomy or other bras for special needs. Moreover, size inclusivity is another aspect that has remained neglected for many years now.

Larger size women hardly have any options or variety. Hence, they rely on that one size of that one brand and pray that it’s not discontinued. The fashion industry as a whole needs to recognise these voids and come up with innovative and forward-thinking solutions.

That being said, as a modern consumer, the ball is largely in your court. Instead of settling for mediocre products, it’s time to get your money’s worth with brands that put your needs first.

(Kamakshi Agarwala, Founder & CEO, Butt-Chique)

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