The driving force behind Ram Mandir is Hindu astha, says Nripendra Misra


Hindu astha is the driving force behind Ram Mandir is the unequivocal message coming from Nripendra Misra, Chairman of the Shri Ram Temple Construction Committee.

In an interview with IANS Editor in Chief Sandeep Bamzai, Misra said, “There are two aspects to this belief — I think each and every one in this country believes that Lord Ram belongs to the Raghuvansh dynasty which was in Ayodhya. Secondly, religious faith is an important aspect, every Hindu believes that Lord Ram is the Maryada Purshottam and he is a supreme power, irrespective of various definitions and explanations in this regard. Therefore, it is only natural that the Ayodhya temple of Lord Ram is seen as an ultimate symbol of Hindu astha.”

However, he added that we would not like to compare Ram Mandir at Ayodhya with any other city drawn on the basis of religious faith.

IANS asked Misra, who took up this assignment after demitting office as Principal Secretary to PM Narendra Modi, about the Prime Minister’s involvement in the temple project.

Misra averred, “The PM’s involvement is both as a believer in the sanctimonious character of the Temple and more importantly he wants to ensure that the Temple regains its lost glory. He would like Ayodhya city to become an international attraction and a centre of integration for all believers. His vision is to protect and preserve cultural nationalism so that each person in society believes in his ownership of the Mandir.”

Misra, who has had a long and distinguished career in the Govt where he was Principal Secretary to the PM and prior to that chairman of TRAI, stated that his appointment as Chairman of Ram Temple Construction Committee came through the Temple Trust passing a resolution as direction of Supreme Court 2019 judgment which envisaged the appointment of a chairman of this committee.

The Trust passed this resolution in compliance of the said judgment, I am a product of the same.

How has this assignment been different from the past? According to Misra, “This challenge was different, I did see this as divine intervention because the work challenge is nowhere near any experience gained in the service. The trustees are there to take major decisions and are moved by emotion given the enormity of the responsibility. These emotions are unqualified religious faith and expectations of millions of people. One of the decisions taken by them is that no iron will be used in the Temple nirman.”

On being asked about the controversy over the land deal, Misra was quick to retort that this is not his subject, but equally senior and respected trustees, including treasurer Swami Govind Dev Giri of Pune, went into great detail on this issue and have reposed full faith in the decision making process.



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