‘The Flash’: Warner Bros have no plans to fire Ezra Miller despite legal controversies


Ezra Miller has had a tumultuous couple of months. ‘The Flash’ actor has been criticised heavily for drunken disorderly behaviour and the repeated run ins with the law.

In the last month, The Flash’ actor was arrested not once but twice and also faced a restraining order, all this for behaviour that could be called borderline crazy.

While the legal matters are still to be ironed out, the biggest question in everyone’s mind was whether Warner Bros. will continue to keep Ezra Miller on as part of the DC franchise.

Immediately after the first arrest incident, there were reports that Ezra Miller’s standalone ‘The Flash’ movie of the DC verse was indefinitely postponed by Warner Bros.

It seemed then that the studio was looking to distance themselves from an actor who could potentially harm the reputation of the franchise because of the misdemeanors off screen.

For those not aware, Miller was first arrested on March 27 for misbehaving and harassing people at a bar in Hawaii. Later there was a restraining order issued against the actor by the couple, because Ezra allegedly broke into their bedroom and threatened their lives and stole from them.

The restraining order was dropped and for the first arrest Ezra got bail after paying a fine. However, a few days later, there was another arrest, this time for a second-degree assault. It was alleged that Ezra threw a chair at a woman which resulted in a half-inch cut on her forehead.

It seemed like the violence in Ezra Miller’s behaviour was escalating so all eyes were on Warner Bros. to see if they would continue to keep the actor on board or let Ezra go. Now, if latest updates are to be believed Warner Bros. remains unaffected by the controversies surrounding Miller. The studio currently has no plans of replacing the actor.

Adam B. Vary, Senior Entertainment Writer, Variety, posted a tweet where he revealed that Warner Bros. will not be replacing Ezra Miller as ‘Flash’. The reason is simply because the filming of the movie was complete months ago and replacing the actor would mean reshooting the whole thing.

Here is the tweet:


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