‘The Gray Man’ trailer dropped; Dhanush’s brief appearance causes a storm


The official trailer of ‘The Gray Man’ released on Tuesday by Netflix on their Twitter handle. The trailer which runs for nearly two minutes shows a face-off between Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans. Actor Dhanush, who is making his Hollywood debut with this movie was also seen briefly in the trailer where he even has a fight sequence.

Watch the trailer here:

In the trailer, Gosling is seen fighting it out with several men. He even breaks a window and jumps out of it and runs on the street even as vehicles are blowing up behind him. In one scene, he is asked if he is hurt and he says, “I mean, my ego is a little bruised.”

Ryan Gosling is playing the titular role of ‘The Gray Man’ and Chris Evans is the antagonist, Llyod Hansen who is his psychopathic nemesis. This spy thriller has been directed by Joe and Anthony Russo.

Besides these two actors, the movie also stars Rege-Jene Page, Ana de Armas, Billy Bob Thornton, Wagner Moura, Jessica Henwick, Alfred Woodard and Dhanush.

The movie is adapted from the novel of the same name by author Mark Greaney. The screenplay of the movie has been penned by Joe Russo, Stephen McFeely and Christopher Markus.

As soon as the trailer dropped, fans started posting comments on YouTube. Several of them were Indian fans who were enthralled to see Indian actor ‘Dhanush’ making an appearance in a Hollywood star studded trailer.

One fan wrote, “Even though few seconds in trailer, Dhanush’s screen presence shows why he’s the best in business !!” Another commented, “Watching this movie only for Dhanush and Chris Evans.” While yet another Indian fan commented, “Dhanush! Such a proud moment for Indians to see you in a Hollywood movie!!!”

‘The Gray Man’ is a CIA operative called Court Gentry played by Ryan Gosling, who is also called Sierra Six. He was pulled out of a federal penitentiary and recruited by his handler, played by Billy Bob Thornton, Court was once regarded as an agency-sanctioned highly skilled assassin.

However, in this case, the hunter has become the hunted – Court is now the target being hunted worldwide by Lloyd Hansen who was also former CIA but now will stop at nothing to kill Court.

The movie is slated to have a very limited theatrical release on July 15, 2022 and will release on Netflix on July 22, 2022.


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