‘The Kashmir Files’ screening halted and people watching the movie being assaulted

The Kashmir Files‘ released on Friday, March 11 amid several controversies and roadblocks. The film was taken to court for Stay orders and even before its release the director Vivek Agnihotri commented about how difficult it was to publicise and promote his film because it did not have A-lister actors in the star cast.

‘The Kashmir Files’ is a hard hitting drama based on the real events that happened in the exodus of Kashmiri Pandits, an event that occurred 32 years ago.

Since its release, there have been reports about the screening of the movie being disturbed or people viewing the movie being forcibly stopped and even assaulted.

One such incident that happened in Jammu in Wave Mall, was tweeted by a person who was watching the movie. The caption of the post read, “We are here in @wavecinemas Jammu, Just now the authorities here stopped the screening of THE KASHMIR FILES People are being thrashed and assaulted! A big propaganda is running to Muzzle the voice of truth @vivekagnihotri @AnupamPKher @KhajuriaManu @DrVikasPadha Do raise”

Here is the tweet:

Meanwhile, another Twitter user posted that showings of the movie were cancelled in the state of Shillong. He wrote, “Hi @vivekagnihotri. Went for a show of ‘The Kashmir Files’ today at Galleria Cinema in Shillong. After making a house full with audience, the cinema informed us that they had “not received the file”. Show was cancelled, and manager was heard saying the film is “controversial”. He ended the tweet by asking the filmmaker what was going on.

Quoting the tweet of this user, another user in the US commented that he booked the show for the next day and that there was no problem in the US with regards to this movie, if anything tickets were selling like hot cakes there. He further said, that it looks like some statewise sabotage was going on which should be reported to the Information and Broadcasting ministry.

So far, ‘The Kashmir Files’ made Rs. 3.55 crores box office revenues on its first day of release.



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