‘The Mandalorian 3’ director says production always took cinematic approach towards web series

Director Rick Famuyiwa, who has helmed the third season of the streaming series ‘The Mandalorian’ of the ‘Star Wars’ franchise, has said though it’s a webseries, the approach to putting together the series has always been cinematic in terms of the scale and story.

He told IANS: “The approach that we took with ‘The Mandalorian’ especially for this season was to tell one big story into eight parts compared to the first season which was quite contained in terms of the narrative. The way to work on the series has always been cinematic and that’s how we treated the whole story in terms of score, performances, scale and edit. We didn’t consider it a series but a film.”

He further spoke about the technology of virtual production involved in the making of the series. The series pioneered virtual production with StageCraft and has opened new avenues for preceding productions to work on this line of thought.

He said: “The first season with virtual production and the volume stage was a big learning experience for us. We were just jumping into new technology. By the time we got to the third season, we used our experience of two seasons with virtual production to our strength. We could manoeuvre our way around the technology and push the boundaries this season”.

‘The Mandalorian’ is available to stream on Disney+ Hotstar.




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