The promise of Bringadi for healthy, revitalised hair

New Delhi, Aug 9 (IANSlife) Bhringraj is the wonder herb of Ayurveda, and is also called Kesha Raja, for its hair revitalizing properties. Amla or Indian Gooseberry is considered an Ayurvedic elixir for skin and hair and is used in Ayurveda for a variety of beauty treatments. Combining the power of the two, Kama Ayurveda, launches a completely sulphate and paraben free, Brigandi Hair Cleanser.

Created to suit all hair types as well as coloured hair, it is clinically proven to reduce hair fall by 60 per cent, making hair 6 times stronger and 5 times more voluminous. The launch also marks the very first time that the brand is presenting a new product supported by extensive clinical trials pre-launch. The Hair Cleanser joins Kama Ayurveda’s award-winning Bringadi Intensive Treatment Hair Oil, by way of the brand’s mission to offer age-old Ayurvedic solutions, to address contemporary beauty and well-being concerns.

Vivek Sahni — CEO and Co-Founder, Kama Ayurveda, said, “When we founded Kama Ayurveda in 2002, our goal was to catalyse modern Beauty with the centuries-old principles of Ayurveda. With each passing year, we find that the relevance of Ayurveda is all-pervasive. Our constant guide is the fact that Beauty is a function of the balance of the mind, body and soul, which are the pillars that support our philosophy. The extension of our Bringadi range, and the launch of the Bringadi Hair Cleanser is yet another step in giving form to this thought. This is the power of Ayurveda.”

From pollution to stressful lifestyles, the shine, texture and fall of our hair is usually the first indicator of our body’s reaction to external rigours. The Bringadi Hair Cleanser was formulated in response to client feedback accumulated by the brands in-store and online beauty consultants. Developed after extensive research and development, it nourishes, repairs, and adds volume to hair.

Bhringraj promotes hair growth, reduces greying and balding and makes the hair naturally darker. It also keeps the hair lustrous and healthy. Amla treats dandruff, strengthens hair, and promotes hair growth while clearing the build-up of impurities from the scalp and reducing itchiness. The nutrients present in Amla penetrate the follicles, making the hair softer, shinier, and voluminous. A natural hair and scalp conditioner, softens and smooths the hair cuticle making it less prone to breakage.

The clinical trials reveal a 5.3 times improvement in natural hair volume, 6.2 times improvement in hair tensile strength, 60 per cent reduction in hair fall

Tips for a rejuvenating hair-wash:

Detangle hair with a wide-toothed comb prior to cleansing

Use room temperature or lukewarm water while washing your hair, for optimal hair health

Cleanse the scalp using the cushions of the fingers

Priced at Rs 415 for 50 ml and Rs 1,495 for 200 ml, available on and at Kama Ayurveda stores across India.

Based on in vitro study against a neutral shampoo

Based on a 4-week clinical study with men and women who had moderate to severe hair fall.

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