These are the five most bizarre Museums of the World

Yesterday, May 18, is annually celebrated as International Museum Day. The concept of International Museum Day was created by the International Council of Museums and this day and for the past 45 years since 1977, this day has been hailed as International Museum Day.

Museums are generally a tourist hub in any city or town. Most travellers also want to see a slice of history and museums provide that in abundance.

While we generally associate museums with history, art, exhibits and items of a bygone era, there are certain off-beat museum that are so bizarre they attract visitors simply because of their oddity.

Here are five such museums from different parts of the world, that cater to the out of the box curiosity of tourists.

Dog Collar Museum

The Dog collar museum, is located in Leeds, England. As the name suggests, it displays puppy attire and houses more than 100 items which can be traced back to several centuries ago. It’s a walkthrough of canine accessory history right from medieval times.

Avanos Hair Museum

As the name implies, the Avanos Hair Museum, which is located in Turkey, displays hair – everywhere. This museum has the largest collection of hair which has been gathered from over 16,000 women and it has been put up on display with their names and addresses.

In this museum, you can find hair locks of all possible lengths and every possible colour. Hair covers the walls as well as the floor of the museum.

Sulabh International Museum of Toilets

This museum of toilets located in India’s capital city Delhi, pays homage to the history of toilets and sanitation. This museum is all about the chamber pot – each one on display has a story to it, it comes in different shapes and sizes and provides a slice of history along with it.

This museum has some rare collections – there are objects that trace the evolution of toilets from way back in 2500 BC up to now. This museum was conceptualised by Dr. Bindeshwar Pathak, who was a social reformer as well as a sociologist.

Museum of Bad Art

Is that even possible? Can art be called bad? Seems like it can in this Museum in the United States. This place displays art that has been recognised as bad and it evidently houses exhibits pieces that won’t be displayed anywhere else. As per the website of this museum, their artwork collection ranges from awry work of talented artists to work of artists who are barely in control of their brush.

Clown Hall of Fame & Research Centre

For those who have coulrophobia (fear of clowns), this museum in the United States is not recommended. It’s best to steer clear of it. This museum is dedicated to the clowns that joked as well as those that terrified Americans over the years. The museum showcases the fascinating story behind the make-up and the mime. It is touted as the world’s “largest archive for clown artifacts”.



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