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These industry players redefine the importance of being physically & mentally fit

New Delhi, Nov 15 (IANSlife) In today’s fast-paced world, the significance of physical and mental fitness has taken on a new dimension. Physical fitness has transcended the boundaries of gym culture and vanity. It is no longer just about achieving a chiseled body or fitting into a particular dress size. Instead, it is seen as a vital foundation for overall well-being. Regular exercise has been linked to improved immune function, reduced stress levels, and enhanced cognitive abilities. In essence, being physically fit is not just about aesthetics; it’s about optimizing our bodies for a healthier, happier life.

Likewise, the importance of mental fitness has gained prominence. With growing awareness of mental health issues, the stigma surrounding them is gradually eroding. People are realizing that a healthy mind is just as important as a healthy body. Mental fitness involves emotional resilience, stress management, and mindfulness.

Listed below are the brands & experts working towards uplighting the importance of overall wellbeing of an individual:

Chitharesh Natesan

Chitharesh Natesan, popularly known as “The Indian Monster,” is a renowned professional bodybuilder hailing from India, whose impressive journey in the world of bodybuilding has left an indelible mark. In 2019, he achieved the pinnacle of his career by securing the coveted title of Mr. Universe at the 11th World Bodybuilding and Physique Sports Championship organized by the World Bodybuilding and Physique Sports Federation. His dedication, perseverance, and consistent success on both national and international stages have firmly established him as a true legend in the world of bodybuilding. Beyond his impressive physique, Chitharesh’s story highlights the profound connection between physical fitness and mental well-being. His rigorous training regimen and unwavering commitment to his goals have not only sculpted his body but have also fortified his mental resilience. Bodybuilding demands discipline, focus, and perseverance, qualities that transcend the gym and become valuable assets in one’s everyday life.


Emoneeds was created with a focus to cater to one’s mental and emotional health needs. They aim to maximize an individual’s performance, happiness and quality of life. The team of expert psychiatrists and clinical psychologists work collaboratively with teens, adults and families by providing holistic, evidence based and scientifically approved compassionate care through a combination of medication management and customized psychotherapies. All of this is designed to help patients/ families overcome their difficulties so that they can achieve their goals and lead productive and happy lives.


It is a tech-enabled mental and emotional health startup that supports people and corporations in fulfilling their mental health needs. It is a team of mental health, technology, and wellness professionals. Their vision is to Solve Mental Health at Scale. They want to change the lives of millions of people who will benefit from mental and emotional health support in all aspects of their daily life. Lissun is an end-to-end mental health and wellness platform that works to provide mental health solutions to individuals, corporations, and healthcare institutions. Its technology provides personalized wellness journeys, therapeutic content, and psychological support to its users.


Amaha, formerly named InnerHour, is a mental health organization founded in the year 2016 by renowned psychiatrist and healthcare entrepreneur. The organization aims to create a mental health ecosystem that provides treatment and care plans for a range of mental health conditions like anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, ADHD, OCD, schizophrenia, and addictions. Whether people need therapy, psychiatry support, or access to self-care resources, Amaha is here to support you. No matter where you are in your mental health journey, they will meet you there and partner with you.

Sangram Chougule

Sangram, originally an electrical engineer from Kolhapur, has managed to achieve remarkable success in the field of bodybuilding. His journey not only demonstrates his dedication and commitment to physical fitness but also sheds light on the profound relationship between physical health and mental well-being. Over the years, Sangram’s impressive accomplishments include six consecutive wins at the prestigious Mr. India competition from 2010 to 2015, along with three victories at the Mr. Maharashtra competition. However, his most noteworthy achievements were clinching the title of Mr. World twice, in 2012 and 2014, as well as becoming Mr. Universe in 2012. These accolades speak volumes about his exceptional physical prowess and unwavering determination. Sangram’s story serves as an inspiring example of how physical fitness and bodybuilding can significantly impact one’s mental health.

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