Thief digs tunnel but fails to rob bank

A thief dug a 5-feet long and 4-feet deep tunnel and barged into a Canara bank branch in Lakhuwas village in Sohna block in the early hours on Thursday, however his heist attempt failed as he could not open the safe of the bank, the police said on Friday.

The incident came to light on Thursday morning when the employees found the opening of the tunnel after entering the bank and informed the police about it.

The police said that the tunnel was dug from the back side of the bank and the entire incident was captured in the CCTV camera installed inside the bank.

“The thief entered into the branch but could not open the safe despite efforts, so the cash remained safe. He was forced to fled the spot as the bank alarms started hooting,” Preet Pal Sangwan, ACP (crime) said, adding that the police is trying to identify the thief on the basis of the CCTV footage.

The bank employees told the police that this tunnel was dug to the record room.

“A thief was seen walking in the record room. He entered the record room of the bank from the tunnel at around 3.15 a.m. However, the thief did not find the cash there and returned,” said a bank employee on requesting anonymity.

“A case has been registered against an unknown person at the Sohna City police station on a complaint by the bank management and the further investigation has been started,” Sangwan said.