Thiruvananthapuram Mayor was stupid to drive into presidential convoy: Cong


Congress Lok Sabha member K. Muraleedharan on Tuesday termed “stupid,” district Mayor Arya Rajendran’s of driving her car into the presidential convoy, early this week.

“Am really surprised, are there none in the CPI-M to tell her the basics as she was stupid to have driven her car into the presidential convoy. It could have resulted into an instant firing. I wish someone in the CPI-M briefs her,” said Muraleedharan while speaking at a party meeting here.

On December 24, there was a violation of protocol by the vehicle carrying Rajendran when the visiting President Ram Nath Kovind was travelling from the airport to attend an event in the capital city.

When the President’s cavalcade, with Kovind travelling in second of the 14 vehicles, was moving towards Poojapura, nearly 8 km from the airport, the Mayor’s vehicle tried to enter the convoy as she had to share the dais with Kovind at the event.

After travelling a few kilometres, her vehicle got into the convoy near the General hospital and followed the eighth vehicle of the convoy.

According to sources, this was a serious lapse and as soon as her vehicle entered into the ninth position, vehicles behind her had to halt.

Muraleedharan and Arya Rajendran have been at loggerheads for a while and the Mayor had filed a police complaint against Muraleedharan over his “unsavoury’ remark which she said was an insult to “womanhood.”

In October, while speaking at a protest meeting against the ineffectiveness and the alleged corruption of the Mayor in the Thiruvananthapuram Corporation, Muraleedharan had said: “Even though the Mayor is a beautiful lady, the words from her mouth are untenable and terrible.” He had also quoted a song from a popular Malayalam yesteryear film.



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