This cop gives ‘Gangajal’ as gift to complainants


People going to the Nauchandi police station here are left aghast these days.

The complainant receives a ’tilak’ on the forehead, he is sprinkled with water and gets a bottle of ‘Gangajal’ as a return gift.

Station House Officer (SHO) Prem Chand Sharma said that he believes in controlling law and order with a touch of devotion.

“My experiment seems to be succeeding. People have become less aggressive. They come here and calmly give their complaint. The entire Nauchandi area has become quieter. However, we are not backing away from police action against miscreants,” he said.

As a Holi gift, Sharma has been giving away ‘Gangajal’ bottles to the visitors, requesting them to refrain from liquor.

“It is an attempt to drive away the perversity associated with Holi festival in the society,” he said and added that Gangajal also works as a sanitizer.

Senior police officers, however, said that they were not aware of the SHO’s actions.

“There are sanitizers kept at every police station. I don’t know why ‘Gangajal’ is being used for it. I am not aware of it and will look into it,” said Vineet Bhatnagar, superintendent of police.