This Delhi man owns over 50 vintage cars

Syed Sahil Agha, a resident of Abul Fazal Enclave in Delhi’s Okhla, has more than 50 American, British cars as also the cars of the erstwhile Rajas and Nawabs in his collection.

Sahil had a love for vehicles since childhood but he started getting fond of vintage cars when he bought one and got it restored. People would look in awe every time he drove out in his car. Soon enough, another connoisseur of vintage cars, bought his car and paid him a good sum for it. Sahil invested that money into buying two more vintage cars.

Gradually, he fell in love with these cars and started collecting them. Today, his collection of more than 50 vintage cars, includes a Singer 6 of 1931 and Standard Sports of 1929, which are the only two in the whole world.

Apart from these, Sahil also owns a 1947 V12 Lincoln, a Mustang and many special sports cars.

Sahil also included the cars of many rajas and maharajas in this journey to preserve vintage cars.

He believes that awareness should be raised amongst people to save such vehicles. He also helps the owners of such vintage cars in fixing them. His motive is to preserve these cars which were usually scrapped, he does so by buying and restoring them. He believes that these cars are a part of India’s history which cannot be brought back once extinct.

Sahil is a graduate from Jamia, Delhi and has done his Post Graduate Diploma in Acting from Shri Ram Bhartiya Kala Kendra, Delhi. He is the son of senior journalist Mansoor Agha.




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