This is why your skin gets oilier and dirtier in the summer


How often does it happen during the summers, that you leave home all dewy and fresh and return home with a shiny, oily and grubby face?

While those with oily skin face this problem always as their bodies tend to produce excess oil, when the temperature rises and especially when you step out of an air-conditioned room into the heat, even those with dry skin will find that they are facing this issue.

While oily skin is in no way a health concern, during the summer season it can be very uncomfortable. Not only does oil give skin a greasy look but also oil is like a dirt magnet and when your skin gets oily, you will find that dirt and other pollutants are sticking to the skin making it look greasier.

The other problem with dirt and pollutants is that they tend to block the pores on the face causing blackheads and whiteheads.

So, ever wondered why skin turns oily in the summers? Turns out there is an answer to this question

Actually, the oily waxy substance on the skin that feels like oil is sebum. This is produced by the sebaceous gland which is present throughout the body and largely present around hair follicles.

To be specific, the scalp and face have the highest concentration of sebaceous glands and that naturally means that the oil sebum production is also more in these areas.

Sebum function is actually useful for the skin. It protects skin from harmful UV radiation and it also helps keep skin hydrated. However, with temperatures rising and weather drying out, the body gets a signal to produce more sebum to ensure that the skin remains hydrated through the intense heat. The side effect of this increased production is an oily skin.

There are several ways of combatting oily skin in the summer. Simplest is to gently wipe off excess oil with napkins. Another is to use a light moisturizer that is not oil based. Skin experts though warn against washing face too many times, as doing so will cause dryness of skin, which in turn will prompt the body to produce more sebum and the cycle will continue.


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