This officer croons with policing in Punjab

He’s a young Punjab Police officer with a literary mind.

He’s penning poems, songs and books to create social awakening, besides equipping people with the skills to become the cyber defenders.

He is 31-year-old Gurjot Kaler, Superintendent of Police (Traffic and Cyber Crime), posted in Mohali near here.

After the success of music tracks ‘My Hero Farmer’ and ‘Dil Se Salaam’, Kaler on this International Women’s Day, March 8, released two social poems, ‘Kahan gaya woh desh mera’ and ‘Betiyan’, written by his mother Param Preet Ghuman.

“Of all things, policing is a profession. My other works — whether it’s music or sports or literary works — all that is passion. So mixing profession with passion is not very difficult, if one manages time very efficiently,” Kaler told IANS on Sunday.

“I do policing in the daytime and when I come back home and take out one or two hours and try to do some of my own stuff, which I like and which makes me feel good. So that is how the journey has been. I think that is not very difficult to mix literary work with policing,” an optimistic cop said.

“If you see life, one shouldn’t construct compartments. Life is not about constructing the compartments. It is about taking a holistic approach in life. So it is a journey, one should enjoy every flavour of life and this is very important,” he said.

“Being a singer helps tackling stressful situations while in khaki,” Kaler added.

In March 2017, Kaler, who has previously worked with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, made his music debut with ‘My Hero Farmer’, which depicted the harsh realities of farmers’ suicides in India, was well received.

The English track, ‘My Hero Farmer’ was released on the channel PTC and was also featured at the Sikh Lens Film Festival in California.

In August 2019, his second song, ‘Dil Se Salaam’ was released by Times Music, under the label of Speed Records.

The Hindi track ‘Dil Se Salaam’ was a tribute to the soldiers and it was written and sung by Gurjot himself while the music was given by Jaison Thind.

His third single track titled ‘Bandeya’ was released in August 2020 by Times Music and Speed Records.

This Punjabi track was composed by B. Praak with lyrics penned by Jaani and the video was directed by Arvindr Khaira.

Kaler, who has been honoured thrice with the Director-General of Police Commendation Discs by Punjab Police, has also released innumerable poems on social media like ‘This happens with every girl — ME TOO’ where he has talked about the sexual harassment to women at the workplace.

Apart from this, he has released a poem called ‘Divey Muhabaatan De’ to bolster and signify the importance of the bond of love, peace and friendship between India and Pakistan.

Recently, he has released awareness campaigns on social media about cybercrime like ATM thefts, cloning of sim cards, e-frauds, OTP scams, etc., to generate social consciousness about these important things in society.

His maiden book, ‘New India — The Reality Reloaded’, was released in 2018 and it dealt with various concerns, conflicts, and challenges faced by India in the 21st century.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, Kaler undertook a peaceful march along with various Indians at the Trafalgar Square in Central London in June last to protest against the statues of racial discrimination of Henry Havelock and Robert Clive, who had committed atrocities against the Indians during the colonial rule.

A written petition was also filed with the British government to ask for the legal removal of these statues which symbolised racial prejudices and colonial mindsets.

In September 2020, he performed a 15,000 feet skydive at Nottingham in Britain to offer a symbolic salute to the corona warriors of the Punjab Police.

With this, he became the first officer in the Punjab Police to undertake an official skydive.

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