This time it’s real – Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhat are getting hitched in April


The never-ending rumour mill surrounding the nuptials of Bollywood’s favourite couple – Alia Bhat and Ranbir Kapoor is likely grinding to a halt in the next couple of weeks as it seems like this time it’s definitely more than a rumour.

For a couple of weeks now, the buzz has been that Ranbir and Alia will be getting married in the second week of April owing to the failing health of Alia Bhat’s maternal grandfather, Narendranath Razdan.

While there were refusals from Ranbir’s uncle Randhir Kapoor, it looks like this time it was more than idle rumour mongering.

There were also reports on Ranbir Kapoor planning his impromptu bachelor’s party with close friends Aditya Roy Kapoor, Ayan Mukherji and Arjun Kapoor.

While most media houses are fairly certain that the most awaited wedding of the season is on, there are still conflicting reports on exactly when the ceremony will take place.

Some media houses have reported that the festivities will start on April 14 and culminate on April 17, with the couple’s wedding ceremony. The venue is stated to be Ranbir’s ancestral home in Chembur, RK House.

While there are also reports circulating that the big day is indeed in April, but it will be April 14, not April 17 and apparently it will be a totally closed ceremony with only immediate family of the bride and the groom in attendance.

The report also states that the wedding will happen in Alia’s home and they will follow the intimate ceremony with a dinner for extended family members the next day (The Kapoor clan and the Bhat clan) and lastly on April 16, they will host a reception for which they will be inviting their close friends from the industry as well as family members.

It’s hard to say which version is true. Meanwhile, there is still no word and complete radio silence from Alia Bhat who is usually active on social media. Perhaps the bride-to-be is swamped with preparations for her last-minute wedding ceremony.

With only a week to go, the excitement around the impending nuptials of Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhat is already sky rocketing. We’ll have to wait and see how much fiction unfolds and how much fact is unearthed in the countdown to the Bollywood wedding that fans have been waiting to witness for at least a couple of years now.


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