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Those catching Covid-19 despite precautions are not at fault: Health Ministry

New Delhi, April 8 (IANS) The Health Ministry has issued an advisory to dispel the social stigma around those infected with the Covid-19 virus and essential services providers.

The advisory notes that despite all precautions, if anybody catches the infection, it is not their fault. “In situation of distress, the patient and the family need support and cooperation. It must be noted that the condition is curable and most people recover from it,” the advisory stated.

It said that people should avoid addressing those under treatment as Covid-19 victims. “Address them as ‘people recovering from Covid-19’,” it said.

The advisory also said that targeting essential services providers and their families will weaken the fight against Covid-19 and can prove grievously detrimental for the entire nation.

In the advisory on addressing the social stigma associated with Covid-19, the Health Ministry said that cases have been reported of people being affected by Covid-19 as well as healthcare workers, sanitary workers and police personnel, who are in the frontline for the management of the outbreak, facing discrimination on account of heightened fear and misinformation about the infection.

Even those who have recovered from Covid-19 face such discrimination. Further, certain communities and areas are being labeled purely based on false reports floating on social media and elsewhere.

There is an urgent need to counter such prejudices and to rise as a community that is empowered with health literacy and responds appropriately in the face of this adversity, the ministry said.

It added that healthcare workers including doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals are rendering their services tirelessly to provide care and medical/clinical support in this situation of crisis.

Sanitary workers and police personnel are also doing selfless service and playing critical roles in addressing the challenges posed by Covid-19. They all deserve our support, praise and appreciation, it added.



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