Beirut, April 21 (IANS) Thousands of Lebanese protesters took to the streets on Tuesday to demonstrate against the government’s policies amid a scheduled Parliament meeting to study and approve draft laws.

Protesters waving Lebanese flags moved to the UNESCO Palace where Parliament is holding its meeting, reports Xinhua news agency.

Protesters told the local media that they will not accept new taxes to be imposed because people have become increasingly poor due to failing successive governments.

One protester said the protests will come back stronger than in the past because the cabinet has been working for 100 days without drafting a serious economic strategy that would save the country.

“We want to see concrete measures including the recuperation of squandered public funds,” the protester said.

Movements took place in other cities where people called for fair policies to allow people to secure their basic needs including food.

Last year, Lebanon witnessed nationwide protests, during which protesters accused the government of squandering public funds and failing to implement necessary healthcare, transport, employment and other projects.




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