Thousands rally against Bolsonaro’s Covid policies


Thousands of Brazilians took to the streets across major cities in the country to protest against the Covid policies of President Jair Bolsonaro and his government.

In Rio de Janeiro, demonstrators on Saturday marched from the statue of Zumbi de Palmares, a hero of the Afro-Brazilian human rights movement, reports dpa news agency.

Later in the day, protesters in Sao Paulo filled the central avenue Paulista.

In Recife, the police used rubber bullets and tear gas against protesters, and a councillor was attacked with pepper spray.

Demonstrators demanded that the government impeach Bolsonaro, procure much-needed coronavirus vaccines and increase social welfare spending.

Social movements had called Saturday’s protests and they were among the biggest against Bolsonaro since the beginning of the pandemic.

Many protesters wore protective face masks.

The Brazilian President is currently seeing his worst approval ratings since he took office on January 1, 2019.

In Brazil, with its 210 million inhabitants, has registered 16,471,600 Covid cases and 461,057 fatalities till date.

Bolsonaro played down the coronavirus from the start and continues to reject protective measures.

Meanwhile, the right-wing populist also fails to see the point of vaccinations.

A parliamentary committee of inquiry is looking into his coronavirus crisis management.