Three arrested in connection with two rape cases in Gujarat

Three people have been arrested on Saturday in connection with two separate rape cases in Gujarat.

An 18-year-old woman was gang-raped by two people in Junagarh district.

The victim, who had borrowed Rs 7,000 from the accused, had returned the money but despite that the duo reached her home on Friday and started asking for the money.

Feeling humiliated, the victim asked the accused to talk to her at some other place, post which they asked her to sit in the car and took her to Vanthali. The accused forced her to drink liquor and gang-raped her.

The arrested accused were identified as Hitendra and his friend Himayu Bhogayta.

In another incident, a man, who befriend a 23-year-old woman on social media, met and raped her in Surat.

The accused identified as Zabir Shaikh repeatedly raped her threatening her of dire consequences.

Zabir used to blackmail the victim if she did not respond to his calls or reach the place where he used to call her.

Tired with repeated rape and blackmailing, on September 1, the victim tried to commit suicide by drinking phenyl.

She was rushed to hospital, where after regaining consciousness, she narrated her plight and lodged complaint against Zabir.




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