Three nabbed for double murder in Goa

Three labourers from Bihar and Jharkhand, were apprehended in a joint operation by Goa and Mumbai police on Tuesday, in connection with the murder of two senior citizens in South Goa’s Fatorda area.

A Goa police spokesperson said that the trio were arrested from Mumbai’s Dadar area. There they were planning to board a train back to their respective home states.

The accused identified as Ravinkumar Sada and Adityakumar Kharwal, both from Bihar and Akash Ghosh from Jharkhand, were arrested.

The trio are accused of allegedly murdering Minguel Miranda (65) and his mother in-law Caterina Pinto (85), whose bodies were found in a storeroom of their house in Fatorda area.

Police claimed that the three accused persons were working for Minguel Miranda, who is a contractor by profession.

“We are still interrogating them to learn about the exact motive for the crime,” the spokesperson said.

The police also learnt that the trio had left Goa, after they found a scooter owned by Miranda parked at a nearby railway station.