Three reasons why Mika is ‘jealous’ of Badshah

Singer Mika Singh has made some interesting revelations about his bond with Badshah, the special guest in ‘Zee Comedy Show.

During a ‘Baba ki Darbar’ act where Sanket Bhosale enacts Sanjay Dutt’s role as a chat show anchor, the former asked Mika, who is also a judge in the show, about three things that make him jealous of Badshah.

To which, Mika jokingly said: “Firstly, I am jealous of the fact that every song he makes becomes a huge hit. Secondly, he is 6 feet tall, which makes me even more jealous. Lastly, I’ve been a part of the entertainment industry for the last two decades, and I was running at a speed of 100 km/hr. Badshah, on the other hand, ran at 200 km/hr and overtook me. I’ve worked so hard, came from Punjab till here and he came one day and took over. That’s why I am very jealous of Badshah.”

Reacting to Mika, Badshah said: “This is not true, Mika Paaji is the king. However, having said that, as a kid, I wanted to be the first person to buy a Hummer, but Mika ji bought it first. Also, I wanted to sing a song like ‘Something’, but he has sung it. That’s what makes me jealous of Mika Singh.”

While Mika and Badshah’s candid revelations and musical performances will grab the attention, one cannot miss the comic acts by all the artistes.

‘Zee Comedy Show’ airs on Zee TV.