Throwback: When Matt Le Blanc revealed he wanted to be a carpenter


Hollywood actor Matt LeBlanc is an actor who is globally well known and loved across generations for portraying Joey Tribbiani on the massively hit NBC sitcom, ‘Friends’.

For ten years from 1994 to 2004, Matt LeBlanc, along with his five co-stars, Matthew Perry, David Schwimmer, Courtney Cox, Lisa Kudrow and Jennifer Aniston entertained audiences the world over as Joey, Chandler, Ross, Monica, Phoebe and Rachel.

Even today, ‘Friends’ is a show that finds plenty of audience as the show continues to be a popular sitcom in the re-runs.

Yesterday, July 25, Matt LeBlanc turned 55 years old and to celebrate his birthday, here’s a throwback to some trivia on television’s funny guy.

Many of his fans may not be aware but Matt was a part of other sitcoms besides ‘Friends’ as well, like, ‘Top of the Heap’, ‘TV 101’, ‘Vinnie & Bobbie’, Married… With Children’, ‘Reform School Girl’, among others but despite this, the actor once shared that he had a very different career plan in mind when he was growing up.

Matt made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live way back in 2015 and at that time he shared quite a few stories with Jimmy about his childhood.

When talking about his early years, Matt talked about this time when he snuck into the closet where he knew the Christmas presents were kept, unwrapped a gift, played with it and then put it back, wrapper and all, so he could pretend to be surprised about it on Christmas morning.

While he reminisced about his childhood, Kimmel asked him if he knew he wanted to be actor when he was a kid and Matt surprised everyone by saying, he thought he would end up becoming a carpenter.

The ‘Friends’ actor shared that he actually went to a technical vocational high school where he studied carpentry because, “everyone in my family goes to work with some kind of tool in their hands.”

Matt said, “I made a complete kitchen and installed it in a house.” He jokingly added that his high school teacher was the one who got the benefit of his labour before he moved paths and became an actor.

As per Comedy Central, Matt LeBlanc actually went to Boston College to take some carpentry courses but he soon dropped out because he already knew how to do all the things they were teaching in that school. Soon after, he decided to pursue acting as a career and once he landed the role of ‘Joey’ in ‘Friends’, there was no looking back for him.


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