Throwback: When Pooja Bhatt and Sohail Khan were all set to get married


Pooja Bhatt, Mahesh Bhatt’s daughter was among the top actresses of Bollywood in the 90s. She made her debut with the movie ‘Daddy’ and was critically acclaimed for her performance in the movie, ‘Sadak’.

She also made headlines for her whirlwind romance with actor Ranvir Shorey. But not many know that before this the actress was in a very serious relationship with Salman Khan’s brother, Sohail Khan.

This happened way a few years before Sohail Khan married Seema Khan (well known for ‘Bollywood Lives of Bollywood Wives’).

This piece of information dates back to 1995, when Pooja and Sohail were in a serious relationship but Pooja and Salman Khan had made headline because the two reportedly did not get along.

In a 1995 interview with Stardust Magazine, the ‘Dil Hai Ke Manta Nahi’ actress opened up about her then boyfriend, Sohail Khan, and more importantly his family. Speaking about the same, she said, “I’m so comfortable with his family too. They’re really nice. I feel so welcome there. I’m made to feel that I belong. I respect them all so much because there are no questions asked. They let me be what I am, not what I was. They like me for my one-to-one interaction. They’re like my family.”

Adding further about Sohail’s family and addressing the gossip about her bad equation with Salman Khan, she said, “I’m very, very fond of his father. I met Arbaaz only recently and I like him a lot. Baby (Alvira) is very nice. His mom is so wonderful, they’re all very warm. I agree Salman and I hated each other initially for some weird reason. We just didn’t get along. And that was made out to be this great ‘war’ between us. I guess it started because I didn’t do the film Love or whatever. But today we get along very well too. In fact, we’re one big happy family.”

Pooja also spoke about her relationship with Sohail Khan and her marriage plans as well. She said that she was aware that some people put a time limit on their relationship but that she didn’t want to waste any time reacting to it. She also added that marriage was definitely on her mind but she said it would have to wait, because Sohail was only just venturing into direction and she also wanted to work seriously for two more years before deciding on when and where to get married.

At the time, she said, “We do want a future together. Not just as in the normal culmination of any relationship but in wanting to be together. I want it and so does he. Ours is a relationship that has grown due to various factors – trust, respect, understanding – everything is covered. Ultimately, we know the value of our relationship.”

However, despite all her conviction that relationship did not last long and the two broke up soon after. Sohail Khan went on to marry Seema Khan in 1998 and Pooja Bhatt married Manish Makhija in 2004. After 11 years of marriage, Pooja and Manish parted ways in 2014.


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