Thunderstorms, lightning likely in north coastal Andhra


The Met forecast thunderstorms accompanied by lightning in parts of north coastal Andhra Pradesh on Saturday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

“Dry thunderstorm accompanied with lightning likely to occur at isolated places over north coastal AP and Yanam,” said a Met official on Saturday.

A dry thunderstorm doesn’t produce any rain on the surface. These are thunderstorms with little or no precipitation on the surface. They are accompanied by lightning and little or no rain reaches the ground.

In some places, lightning bolts from dry thunderstorms are known for igniting wildfires as there will be no rain. However, Sunday and Monday will see no such activities.

Earlier, the Met department forecast thunderstorms on Monday and Thursday at isolated places in north coastal AP.

Rain in this part of the year when the summer has already set is quite unusual and that too at a time when the standing paddy crop is just a month or less away from harvesting.

Unusual rains also give jitters to aquaculture farmers who spend a fortune in investments to grow the lucrative fish and shrimp.

The Godavari districts are aquaculture as well as paddy hubs.

Low level south easterlies and southerlies winds continue to prevail over the southern state.