Tiff between Guv, govt doesn’t augur well for democracy: Kerala Minister

A Kerala Minister on Wednesday said that the ongoing tiff between Kerala Governor Arif Mohammed Khan and the state government does not augur well for democracy.

The Minister, speaking to IANS on condition of anonymity, said that the sooner the present standoff ends the better it is for the all and if it continues unabated, then it could well become the order of the day even causing a serious dent to the Constitution.

Incidentally at the most recent Kerala Assembly session, which ended early this month, 11 Bills were passed and it includes the one on Universities (Amendment) and another one on Kerala Lokayukta. Khan then had categorically said he will not sign the Lokayukta Bill and put a rider on other nine Bills that he will sign only if the concerned minister briefs him.

“What has happened here can be attributed to a mix of factors, including egos, but this has to end quickly. By now things have reached dangerous levels and the latest news is the Governor according to a report in the media he will sign the nine Bills that were passed by the Kerala Assembly only after the Minister or the secretary comes and explains to him. This is unheard of, as the legislature is the body which formulates legislations and once it’s passed, that’s it,” said the Minister.

“The Constitution is the backbone of democracy and things are very clearly laid down in it and all are duty bound to abide by it. Just imagine when the apex court gives its final orders in a case, it becomes binding and if it’s not abided, just imagine what the consequences will be. Likewise when the legislature passes a Bill, the Governor has to do his job. If by any chance there are areas where some might think it is not right, the people can take action, at the time when they go to the polling booths the next time,” added the Minister.

Khan later in the day is leaving for a trip and is expected to be back in the first week of next month.

On Monday Khan held a full-fledged press conference which ended after nearly two hours during which he went hammer and tongs against Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan.

Meanwhile, the latest news is Khan has signed five Bills out of the nine which he had said he will sign after the Minister or the concerned secretary briefs him.




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