Tigress that killed boy in UP village, tranquillised & captured

A tigress that had strayed away from Dudhwa buffer zone forest and killed a 10-year-old boy of Nimbuabojh village under Palia police circle, has been traced and tranquillised, forest officials said.

According to officials, the tigress was spotted and subsequently captured in a sugarcane field near Nagla village under the Dudhwa buffer zone area.

The tigress had attacked the boy on Tuesday.

Deputy director, Dudhwa buffer zone, Sundaresh said, “Through the analysis of camera images, the captured tigress has been established to be the same which had attacked and killed a 10-year boy Jaseem of Nimbuabojh.”

He further said, “The tigress has been brought to Dudhwa forest headquarters where a team of veterinary doctors examined the big cat to enable us to decide further course of action. The captured big cat is a tigress and her age had been estimated to be four to five years.”

No physical injuries or deformities have been detected on the body of the tigress and her canines, paws, nails were found intact during the physical examination.

Dudhwa field director, Sanjay Kumar Pathak, said, “This was the tigress whose movements around the human habitations were frequently observed and were a matter of serious concern for us.”

The way in which the tigress had started visiting the human habitations had sent an alert message about her changed behaviour.

He added that the captured tigress would be kept under observation for the next 24 hours during which her behaviour would be minutely observed before deciding her shifting to forest area or to some other place.




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