Engineers from Goa’s Water Resources Department are in touch with their Maharashtran counterparts to mend a breach in a canal of the Tillari dam located in Kolhapur district, which has affected the water supply, Water Resources Minister Filipe Neri Rodrigues told the Goa Assembly on Wednesday.

Calling the breach of the canal at Bhedshi village in Maharashtra, which occurred late on Tuesday “a very serious issue”, Neri said that alternative sources of water are being tapped by the Goa government to provide unhindered water for drinking and agriculture supply.

“It is a very serious issue as far as drinking water and supply for agriculture is concerned. We have sent our team of engineers to consult with engineers from Maharashtra,” Rodrigues said in response to a zero hour mention moved by Bharatiya Janata Party MLA Dayanand Sopte.

“Luckily, we have alternative sources like other canals. Water from Amthane dam has been diverted. We can augment water from other sources to not disturb agricultural and drinking water supply in Goa,” the Minister said.

Though located in South Maharashtra, some of the canals of the Tillari dam flow into North Goa district to irrigate the region’s agricultural areas and supplement drinking water needs.