Timex’s new ‘Given for Generations’ campaign


New Delhi, Jan 30 (IANSlife) Timex’s new ‘Given for Generations’ Campaign honours the company’s illustrious history. The way one generation passes on its values to the next, the same philosophy echoes in the passing on of Timex watches. Through generations of watchmaking, the brand has made its name synonymous with iconic watch designs that could withstand anything.

The brand believes that every watch has a soul, from a relentless pursuit of craftsmanship, quality and design. Combining European clockmaking and American ingenuity, they democratised timekeeping by proving that a great watch doesn’t have to be expensive.

It incorporates cutting-edge technology into products in the outdoor, sports and fashion categories. Contributing to the invention of wristwatches, they are still reinventing watches with better technological and aesthetic innovation.

The Timex Easy ReaderTM is their heart, if the Waterbury watch is their soul. Its timeless, utilitarian design, beautiful in its simplicity, quickly became ubiquitous with Timex. The brand has made over 100 million pieces since 1977. If your father owned a Timex, it was most likely a Timex Easy ReaderTM. The minimalist beauty of the Easy Reader can be seen on nearly every Timex today.

Timex takes pride in being a household name, with over 165 years of watchmaking legacy and American ingenuity, and continues to embrace its long history of passion and innovation. Each watch is a distinct expression of the company’s watchmaking mission, designed and crafted to be confidently chosen and worn. It is said that if you own a Timex, you own a piece of its history.

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