Friday, July 19, 2024

Tinder removes 5 mn spam, bot accounts in Q1 this year

In an effort to combat online fraudsters, dating app Tinder and its parent company Match Group on Tuesday said that it has blocked nearly five million spam and bot accounts in the first quarter of 2023.

According to Match Group, there are an average of 44 spam accounts removed across its portfolio as an effort to help curtail suspected fraudulent accounts either blocked at sign-up or before a user sees them.

“By implementing a combination of technology, human moderation, and user education to encourage reporting of suspicious activity, we are able to help remove the vast majority of spam at sign up or before a user ever sees it,” Jess Johnson, director, safety product, Match Group, said in a statement.

Moreover, Tinder said spammers have evolved their tactics over the last few years to exploit common member behaviours, such as posting a social handle in their bio to drive traffic to another platform where they often monetise directly or sharing links that redirect to third-party websites.

“Fraud detection is just one of many efforts we deploy to remove potential fraudulent accounts and it is something we will continue to invest in. By simultaneously investing in and building innovative online tools, we are also adding an additional level of security and confidence for users across the portfolio,” Rory Kozoll, SVP of product integrity, Tinder, said in a statement.

In its continued efforts to help create a fun and safer place to meet new people, Tinder announced changes to its existing Community Guidelines last month.

As part of these changes, the company said it will remove social handles from public bios that advertise or promote their social profiles to gain followers, sell things, fundraise, or campaign.



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