Tinder will soon allow background checks on matches


Popular dating app Tinder is tying up with Garbo, the US National Domestic Violence Helpline, to provide 24/7 background check access to its users.

According to reports, other apps in the US like OkCupid, Match.com and Hinge will also be following the same route.

So far, this background check is offered only to users in the United States. Users of Tinder can use Garbo, which is a platform that provides background checks, and access public information about a person’s past records like violent behavior, arrests, convictions or if they are in the sex offender registry.

The parent company of Tinder and Hinge, the Match Group has established this partnership with Garbo as well as the National Domestic Violence Helpline to provide all users registered on its dating apps, access to background information about their matches. They will also be providing a chat helpline connect with Garbo.

Currently, when the program will be launched users will get the first 2 background checks for free and after that they have to pay $2.50 plus processing fee per check. Match Group has decided to offer up to 500,000 free searches in total across all users. As per Tinder, all the funds collected from their users are going directly to Garbo to fund their operations.

According to a recent study in Forensic, Science Medical and Pathology Journal in the year 2020, it was found that most cases of sexual offenses which were dating-app based occurred in the first face-to-face ‘date’ between the offender and the victim.

Once the program is launched, all Tinder users in the US  will be able to use Garbo either by signing up on Garbo’s website or through Tinder’s Safety Center navigation on the app. Once the check is done, users have the right to decide what they want to do with the information at hand.

Tinder, however, recommends that if users find a history of violence or sexual offence they should report that match bearing in mind the safety of other users of the app, who may or may not avail the option to run a background search.


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