TN: 45 Omicron cases, 118 more samples have S-gene drop

The Tamil Nadu health department is gearing up for the possibility of an Omicron surge in the state with 45 confirmed cases and 118 samples of Covid-19 positive people showing presence of S-gene drop.

State health minister Ma Subramanian has already directed the health department to create awareness among people and strictly abide by Covid protocols as studies have shown less mask compliance in the state.

He also instructed the health officials to jack up infrastructure for all eventuality. Sources in the health department told IANS, with schools and colleges functioning, the concerned corporations, municipalities, and village panchayats have been directed to convert wedding halls, theatres and convention halls to health camps if need arises.

Subramanian told IANS: “There is a possibility of rise in cases but the state health department and the administration is ready for that. The Chief Minister has already given us directions in this regard and we are in direct communication with the Union health ministry to tackle any untoward situation.”

The minister also urged the people to conduct parties at their homes on New Year eve rather than venturing out given the situation related to the surge in Omicron cases.

However, hotel and restaurant owners of Chennai said that most of the hotels are fully booked and a large number of people from Bengaluru, other towns of Karnataka and all other South Indian states, have arrived in large numbers in Chennai and Coimbatore to celebrate New Year.

Most of the Five-star hotels in Chennai have announced unlimited liquor and performance by various national and international bands as part of the New Year celebrations.

A hotelier on condition of anonymity told IANS: “We will comply by the December 15 directive of the state government wherein there were no restrictions and we had taken bookings and made all arrangements for the big event and almost all the guests have arrived. How can we now go back on this? We will adhere to strict Covid-19 restrictions and move ahead unless the government issues an order against the same. If the government issues an order then we will immediately put a full stop to the celebrations.”




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