TN activists wants PETA to apologise on false campaign against ill-treatment of elephant

Animal rights activists in Tamil Nadu have lashed out against PETA India for spreading false information on the ill-treatment of a captive elephant.

Poovulagin Nanbargal, an NGO, said that PETA India had been spreading false information that Jayamalyatha, an elephant with the Srivilliputhur temple, was being ill-treated.

The NGO said that an old video was being circulated on social media platforms with malicious interests, adding that PETA India wa involved in the circulation.

PETA India had shared a post on Twitter that the elephant was being ill-treated in the temple leading to massive outrage, including from Bollywood celebrities.

The protesters demanded that those who have ill-treated the elephant be brought before the law of the land and ensure that strict action is taken against them.

In a statement, Poovuligan Nanbargal, said: “Far from the truth, Jayamalyatha (Joymala in Assam) is being well taken care of by the authorities of Srivilliputhur temple. She is in good health and doing great. A shower and a special bath facility have also been created for her. A committee of experts has been looking after her health and has been visiting her at regular intervals. Even the day before, a committee including a veterinarian visited her and certified that she was in good health. PETA India should apologize for spreading malicious and fake news.”

Sajitha Rameswari, an elephant activist, told IANS: “It is indeed a false spreading of news even as the Jayamalyatha has been treated well in Tamil Nadu. Those who have spread this should be brought to justice.”




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