TN: Class 12 student asked to apologise for abusing, threatening teacher

A Class 12 student of Government Higher Secondary School, Madhanur in Tamil Nadu’s Velllore , district was on Thursday asked to give a written apology to his botany teacher for abusing and threatening to hit him.

School Education Department officials said the Botany teacher Sanjay Gandhi found the student idling away his time in the class and asked him whether he had submitted the science record book as practical exams were nearing. However, the student shouted and started threatening the teacher.

This was recorded by another student in the class and the video depicts the student using abusive language and threatening to hit the teacher. However, the teacher maintained his cool throughout.

Tirupattur District Collector Amar Kushwaha directed the Revenue Divisional Officer (RDO) and the District Educational Officer (DEO) to conduct an inquiry at the school after the incident went viral on social media.

A team of revenue, educational department officials, and police spoke to teachers, students, and other school staff and found that the student had indeed abused and threatened the teacher.

The inquiry officer, Gayatri Subramani, who is also the RDO of Vaniyambadi while speaking to IANS, said, “We have intimated the parents of the student through the Parent-Teacher Association of the school and have also directed the student to give an unconditional written apology to the teacher. This will help to revive the confidence of the teachers also”.

Gayatri also said that counsellors were brought in to give counselling sessions to Class 11 and Class 12 students.




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