Friday, July 12, 2024

TN DIG suicide : Gunman says victim was depressed

The gunman of Deputy Inspector General of Police, C. Vijayakumar, who shot himself dead, on Saturday said that the DIG was suffering from depression.

Appearing before a team of police probing the case, Ravichandran stated after a morning walk on Friday, the DIG reached the camp office at 6.45 am.

After some time, he asked for the gunman’s service revolver and went inside his room.

On hearing a gunshot, the gunman along with other policemen on duty at his residence, rushed inside only to find the DIG in a pool of blood. They rushed him to a hospital where the doctors declared him dead on arrival, Ravichandran said.

Vijayakumar was under medication since January 2023 after he had joined as DIG in Coimbatore range, the gunman said.

It may be noted that the 2009 IPS officer was a straight and honest officer with brilliant service records.

He was one of the field members of the Tamil Nadu police who had arrested the notorious Bawaria gang from Uttar Pradesh nabbing them from their den.

Two of the gang members were shot dead and the rest were taken into custody by the police team in which Vijayakumar was part of.



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